Adolescence : Childhood And Adulthood Essay

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Adolescence is probably the most difficult period in life for the majority of individuals since it is a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood. In this period an adolescent will undergo significant changes in physiological, psychosocial and cognitive growth and development. Naturally, these changes produce a significant impact on lifestyle choices, behaviors, attitudes and relationships in the world around them. The period of adolescence is considered to begin at preteens, usually starting at age ten and going to age eighteen. The adolescence period may be divided into three main phases, early adolescence (10-13), middle adolescence (14-16) and late adolescence (17-19) while the last years of adolescence may be characterized as the last years when individuals completely grow into adults. The purpose of this observation paper is to focus on the early adolescent female between the ages of 11and 12 years old to determine if they are meeting the expected outcomes of growth and development of this age group and gender.
Physical Growth Development Rapid physical changes start to occur in early adolescent. These changes occur in predictable sequence, but the onset and duration is individualistic. Females are usually first to begin puberty, usually two years ahead of males, says Edelman (2014). Due to the earlier start of puberty in females you will often see in a grade five or six classroom that some girls are noticeably taller than their male counterparts because…

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