Essay about Adolescence as a Time of Storm and Stress

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Conflict during adolescence, including storm and stress, and alternative views

Stanley Hall (1904) one of the founders of developmental psychology, suggested that adolescence is a time of personal ‘storm and stress’ during which the child must experience the turbulent history of the human race in order to reach maturity. This was very influential in later psychological research and popular culture. The implications of Erikson’s (1980) theory of psychosocial development portray adolescence as a period of ‘storm and stress’ as adolescents experience role confusion as they try out different roles in attempting to establish a sense of identity. The formation of an identity is vitally important as it enables the individual to cope
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1. IDENTITY DIFFUSION – identity issues have not been considered in detail and no form commitments have been made for the future. 2. FORECLOSURE- identity issues have not been considered seriously, but future commitments have been made in spite of this. 3. MORATORIUM – there has been an active exploration and consideration of alternatives, but no definite future commitments have been made, this corresponds to Erikson’s identity crisis. 4. IDENTITY ACHIEVEMENT- various alternatives have been carefully considered and firm commitments have been made.
During adolescence, peers become increasingly important and parents become steadily less important. Adolescents strive for independence and autonomy from their parents – cutting the apron strings. This can be a very stressful time as Blos claimed that adolescents tend to overreact to parental authority and as they are at pains to assert their individuality. This involves a shift from parent-oriented relationships to pee-oriented relationships. Blos’ view that separation is needed for healthy development has been described as out of date by Wade et al. This criticism is supported with evidence. 65 mothers- daughter pairs in the USA and Britain and found that most adolescent girls said that the person they felt close to was their mother. Minor quarrels did exist but they were actually to build on relationships not to break them. Paikoff and Brooks- Gunn

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