Adolescence And Childhood Peer Groups Essay

777 Words Aug 8th, 2015 4 Pages
During adolescence and childhood peer groups have a great influence on who we become. When peer groups are being developed it is one of the few times that is not under regulation of adults. Peer groups can be something that helps adolescents establish relationships that can be beneficial and productive. They can also provide adolescents with the opportunity to form relationships with out the supervision of adults and encourage self-exploration. Adolescents are able to express who they are through participation in activities and begin to exercise making decisions on their own. Peer groups allow adolescents to work through any conflict they may experience, compete and cooperate with one another. An adolescence free time is an extremely important time for socialization and not just a time focused on having fun. “They give adolescents the opportunity to experience their immediate social environment. Leisure activities also construct and manifest their own youth cultures. The freedom adolescents have for their leisure activities enables them to socialize outside the family, to establish independence from adults, to practice the skills required for entering conventional adult roles, to develop their future adult identities, to express their own interests, and to build their own cultures with their peer groups. These activities also reveal the possible conflict between adolescents ' need for self-identity and skill development and the constraints of roles, expectations, cultural…

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