Adn vs. Bsn Essay

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Molly Kurian
Professional Dynamics

May 18, 2012

Nurses are expected to be independent decision makers due to the complexities their jobs entire. Fast growing clinical knowledge and advancing technology in health care have made the difference amongst associates and baccalaureate degrees. One of the largest differences in the degrees is the years of education required; 2 years for associate degree (ADN) and 4 years for baccalaureate degree (BSN).
“ADN nurses are educated to provide nursing care to persons with similar health alterations in structured settings, whereas BSN nurses are educated to engage in independent thinking and to provide nursing
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However, The BSN program emphasizes critical thinking, thus providing a more in depth understanding of the situation. Critical thinking prepares nurses with the skills to research and implement evidence based practice. Therefore critical thinking differs between ADN’s and BSN’s since BSN’s use critical thinking skills at a higher level.
Here is an example related to a staffing issue. Due to call in’s by a sick staff member, there was a shortage of staff to work during the shift in managing patient’s on close observation. The charge nurse with BSN degree attempted to find additional staff by calling those not scheduled to work and the float pool department, but no response. Later charge nurse spoke with the physician and moved patients closer to nurse’s station. Bed alarm activated and observed the patients, and assignments for staffs done based on acuity. Finally ADN and BSN nurses have a different set of leadership skills. The patient’s best interests are one of the most important things in nursing and leadership is necessary to ensure those occur. Nurses, regardless of educational preparation, are empowered to ensure that client care needs are met. When leadership is a concern, ADN nurses work with other health care employees in the organizational structure for managing client care. However, BSN nurses assume a leadership role in the health care management system to enhance client care.
“BSN nurses are

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