Admissions Essay for Fashion School

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Fashion is not restricted to only clothing and beauty. Fashion is an outlet in which I use to express my feelings. When choosing an outfit to wear, my mood overpowers my senses and my outfit becomes a reflection of my spirit, who I am and my personal style. But, fashion also takes inspiration from other aspects as well, such as, music, art and overall, culture. Fashion reflects a person’s character and disposition; and these are the influences that fuel my passion for fashion. The education I wish to acquire at The Art Institute of Vancouver will shape the person I wish to become by helping me achieve my future aspirations and career goals.
Growing up, I often found myself day dreaming of a career in fashion; these dreams included
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The Art Institute of Vancouver has a very broad range of courses within the Fashion Marketing and Management program that I feel will reinforce and solidify my intense interest in all things fashion, as well as give me the knowledge I need to succeed in any of the career paths that interest me within the industry. It is the place where I feel I will only gain the best industry and educational experience as well as personal growth and self-development. With a large faculty consisting of industry professionals who can provide me with insight on how to survive and succeed in this tantalizing industry. I want to achieve great things after graduation and I believe that with an education from The Art Institute of Vancouver I can make all my dreams come true.
I feel that The Art Institute of Vancouver will help me expand on my love and appreciation for fashion, giving me practical knowledge to help me succeed in the industry. I am a goal oriented individual with big dreams. I feel I would be an ideal candidate and a dedicated learner. The Art Institute of Vancouver’s creative and unique Fashion Marketing and Management program, when given the opportunity, will give me the knowledge I need and desire to achieve my aspirations, goals and dreams while offering a great learning environment and amazing opportunities. I promise to work hard

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