Admission Referral Was Received From Another Skilled Nursing Facility

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An admission referral was received from another skilled nursing facility (SNF) for Mr. W. and the information was forthcoming about the prospective patient 's psychiatric and fall history. They even disclosed he had recent hallucinations and multiple falls which required them to have a one to one staff member with him while he was in bed and used a restraint to ensure his safety while out of bed. My Director of Nursing (DON) accepted this resident, scheduled the admission for Friday evening and did not inform the nursing staff of his high risk for fall. The nursing staff did receive a report from the SNF but it was too late to discuss whether or not this admission was appropriate for our facility because the DON had left for the day and over the weekend this new admission fell five times. Although none of the falls resulted in an injury, the weekend staff was overwhelmed and made multiple phone calls to the DON in reference to their inability to safely care for Mr. W. The DON informed the staff that she needed to fill the empty beds and as a result, we accepted this admission. Then, she instructed the nursing supervisor not to document the resident’s incidents as falls but a purposeful change in the plane which the nurse did write after her initial nurse which stated he fell. She indicated an accidental occurrence by stating his foley catheter and leg was entangled in the side rail of the bed. Therefore, our documentation contradicted itself and nothing was done to…

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