Admirable Aspects Of The Dunker Religion Essay

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Admirable Aspects of the Dunker Religion
While taking this Religion in America course I have learned about a variety of interesting religions. Some religions that were similar in ways and some that were much different. All had an impact on the religious world but some had greater influence than others. Nearing the conclusion of this semester, I began to ponder on what I wanted to write my final paper about. Among the variety of religions we have discussed this semester, I found the Dunkers to be a revolutionary faith for time period. I found it to be a religion very much similar to Christianity. While looking back on the description of this religion in the text and overlooking my notes taken in class, I found there to be a few admirable aspects in the Dunker faith. Some admirable characteristics worth discussing are the religion’s belief system in general, and particularly the devotion, modesty and simplicity of it.
The Dunker movement began in Germany, growing out of the Pietist movement in the late 17th and early 18th century. The Dunkers or the Church of the Brethren were officially organized at Schwartzenau in 1708 by Alexander Mack. The Dunkers were progressive farmers and tried to live simple lives, hence they were perpetually included among the so-called "plain people" of Pennsylvania. The Dunker people strongly believed one should live as close to Bible teachings as possible. They “sought to live in strict obedience to New Testament precepts” (Corrigan, 63). There…

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