Administrator Leadership Style Based On House 's Path Goal Theory Of Leadership

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A. Administrator Leadership style based on House’s Path-Goal Theory of Leadership
1. The principal at Napavine, Jason Prather, has been a principal for three years. He began as a Dean of Students in 2012-2013, completed his principal’s certification that school year and then became principal during the 2013-2014 school year. His primary leadership characteristic is directive because he typically leads meetings or sends emails with specific expectations, though there are times when he also is participative and achievement-oriented.
2. At the beginning of each school year, Jason has typically been directive. For example, last year at the first staff meeting he told the staff that we would not be allowed to have visitors during our duty-free lunch. Period. He stated that students could not have visitors and therefore, staff could not have visitors either. He also stated that we were to adhere to the strict attendance policy. We had to be at work on time and we were not to ask for days off during the last few weeks of school. It was an unpleasant meeting and Jason met with resistance from the staff. He ultimately retracted his no visitor policy, but there was no further mention of his demand that we not ask for days off during the last few weeks of school. Periodically, I see Jason be a supportive administrator, though I would say that it is not his strongest leadership trait. He occasionally ask teachers for input when it comes to course offerings or for opinions regarding…

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