Administrative Staff, Clerical Staff Essay

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Mr. Thathamkulam works very closely with the surgery teams, administrative staff, clerical staff, visor clinic, and OR team for the eye consults, scheduling appointments, and their various eye exams. He assists them to solve problems and make each process easy and convenient for the veterans. He functions as a mentor and guides the new employees, nurses, and residents on a daily basis. He encourages and supports the staff for further studies. His staffs consist of BSN, MSN, and certified Health Technicians in the eye clinic. Being a Magnet facility, Mr. Thathamkulam insisted his nursing staff to obtain ANCC certification. Mr. Thathamkulam organizes and conducts monthly staff meetings. He promotes and actively Participated cultural competence among nursing staffs for the “Nurses Week”, which was organized by the Operative care Line (OCL) department on May, 2015. He maintains a work environment, which is free of discrimination based on sex, age, nationality, religion or disability for his staff, and treated them fair and equitable way. He makes sure that his staffs give a respect to the patients’ religious believes.

He coordinated a seminar about the suicide prevention and depression in the local community people, who are vulnerable for those diseases. He is an active member of the Indian American Nurses Association (IANA) and National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA). He actively initiates and participates in the above association committees for planning and…

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