Administering Medications And Handling Of Medication Administration

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Administering medications to patients is a daily task performed by almost all nurses. In the Bachelor of Nursing curriculum, the 7 rights and 3 checks of medication administration is taught, practiced and performed by all nursing students to ensure proper habits are developed. The problem occurs when health care providers are no longer under supervision of an instructor, and short cuts are acquired. These short cuts, although time saving, ultimately cause more complications for the patient and the health care system. As a group, we have found that CARNA’s Medication Administration Guideline (2016) is not being implemented or enforced as it should to prevent medication errors. One area we noticed to be the most concerning was the storage and handling of medications. Focusing on this topic, we created two strategies to implement this portion of the guideline. The first strategy is holding a creative in-service for the knowledge users about the skill of medication administration and creating a small document to be posted on each work station on wheels (WOWs) as a reminder. The second strategy is to implement the use of the WOWs to store medications rather than in patient’s rooms. In this paper I will critique the implementation plan to determine if it is feasible, practical, achievable and desirable while assessing gaps, facilitators and providing recommendations.
Acknowledging, assessing and critiquing the gaps in practice acted as a starting point for our plan. The first gap…

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