Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 D2

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If changes and improvements to the hierarchy are made then care issues can be resolved. The job role suggested for an admin assistant would include. ‘Planning, budgeting, controlling and reporting are the key elements of the annual budget cycle in which the conditions are made as to how the organizations will use its resources’(lesson budget cycle).
Obviously with any changes big or small, flaws errors and criticism is likely to occur. Without trial and error things will never change nor improve. Overheads for staffing could therefore rise as an administrative assistant would be highly beneficial per region. In doing this money would be saved and not compromised. With the company being non-profit based company there is not a lot savings to rely on. Costs for this type of care may have to increase in order for all the company to be and
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This can only be done by careful planning and budgeting. As with all new ventures there will be some disagreements regarding its appearance. All new ventures have strength and weaknesses, especially when creating new job roles which may cause discrepancies between new job roles. Some people may feel their job role is less important now the job role is shared, others may feel relief now they can continue to care for others as initially intended. As for new software and databases being updated and new programmes designed, some may embrace the new systems whilst others find it a burden to be doing more training and administration work. New software will ensure that there are nit confidentiality flaws and hopefully speed up the filing and administrative side of the health and social care residencies. If hand written forms could be done on computers it will help in so many ways, not only with personal activity forms and safety checks but also accounting as

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