Theoretical Orientation: Adlerian Psychology

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My Theoretical Orientation. Having a theoretical orientation stems from having a theory of change that one believes works. Before a theory is formulated, it is first tested and see if hypothetically it works for the purpose for which it is derived. I have seen that the Adlerian as well as the Reality Theories based on my PACE theory of change works and on these have I had my theoretical orientation founded. The Adlerian theory The Adlerian psychology places its emphasis on a person’s ability to adapt to feelings of inadequacy and inferiority in relative to others and believes that a person will be more responsive and cooperative when he or she is encouraged and harbors feeling of adequacy and respect. while the Reality Therapy as a form of cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy; focusing on facilitating the client to becoming aware of, and if necessary, change, his/her thoughts, and actions. This is the stage of knowing as I believe and stated in my P for perception under my PACE theory for change. The utmost desire here is the cognition (knowing) which the Adlerian and …show more content…
Helping to build a treatment plan on the Now of the client and itemizing the issues at hand in other to tackle it in the order it best help the client achieve the mental and physical freedom he so much desires to make his tomorrow better. The Adlerian and Reality theories approach are my chosen and preferred theories because they both offer choice as a factor to progress when life challenges occur. I do not like the Freudian tilted theories as it does not generally answer life questions. Also, these are the only theories that supports my fundamental belief structure, that is; dwelling in the PAST brings no solution to NOW and would not shape

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