Adjustment Issues When Transferring Of A Four Year University

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Adjustment Issues When Transferring to a Four Year University
Have you ever wondered how students that transfer to a four-year college after attending a community college adjust to their new atmosphere? I have often wondered what it would be like to transfer from my small town community college to a University as large as UNCC. Boy was I in for a culture shock after leaving a town with a population of less than the number of students that attend UNCC. I chose this topic because there are a lot of adjustment issues that I am facing as a new transfer student. Some of these adjustments I did not consider before transferring and others that barely crossed my mind as I stepped on the campus. These issues may be minor to some but major to others. Adjustment issues have had a major impact on my educational career as well as the educational careers of many others who have had to make adjustments along the way. There are many adjustments that you have to make if you want to succeed with your college degree. These adjustments include affording tuition, keeping up your grades and GPA, commuting or staying on campus, having time to be involved with campus life, committing to a major, and focusing on your studies instead of the process.
I have found that transfer shock is when students transfer from a two-year community college or another smaller four-year university and their grades drastically drop based on their grade point average during their first and second semester, all though…

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