Essay about Adjusting From More Complex Programs

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Adjusting From More Complex Programs

If you are someone who has been using more complicated programs like Photoshop, it takes a while to get used to

the new style of image editing that comes with TLC. It 's funny how even though it 's a much simpler interface, it

can be confusing at first if you 're not used to it.

I usually use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for most things, so it took me a solid could days to get used to the

simple and streamlined interface of TLC.

Some Aspects Are Counter-Intuitive

Even though TLC is really easy to use, there are a couple aspects which do seem a little counter-intuitive and

harder than they need to be. Primarily, the fact that you cannot click and drag objects to resize them. Instead,

you need to use sliders to make them taller, wider, or scale them up or down. To me it 's hard to correlate a

slider with the size of an object. I 'd much rather click and drag an object to make it smaller or larger.

Graphics Tend To Be A Bit Cartoony

I 've found that the images and graphics you can produce using TLC always tend to have a bit of a cartoony feel to

them. I don 't know if this is just my own abilities limiting my results, but I tend to think it 's just a

characteristic of the software itself because most of the examples on the TLC website have the same cartoony feel

to them. Not that this is always a bad thing, but you might have some trouble creating a super slick, modern


Too Many Add-Ons

It 's…

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