Adidas and its Ethical and CSR Essay

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Ethics and corporate Social responsibility:-

Ethics is defined as what is right and what is wrong. Every business should behave ethically. The moral principles that guide the way a business behaves are business Ethics. Ethics are moral guidelines to people or to an organisation which govern good behaviour. So behaving ethically is doing what is morally right. Doing an ethical business may always be not profitable but it will be more beneficial to company and the people involved in company as well as the people who are getting influenced by the company. If a company is acting ethically then it is trying to differentiate between right and wrong and then chose the right decision for everyone. It is very easy it identify any unethical
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Michael Hopkins' Definition of CSR:-
Corporate Social Responsibility is concerned with treating the stakeholders of a company or institution ethically or in a responsible manner. ‘Ethically or responsible' means treating key stakeholders in a manner deemed acceptable according to international norms.
Social includes economic and environmental responsibility. Stakeholders exist both within a firm and outside.
The wider aim of social responsibility is to create higher and higher standards of living, while preserving the profitability of the corporation or the integrity of the institution, for peoples both within and outside these entities.
CSR is a process to achieve sustainable development in societies.
[Carroll, 1979; 2008, 500]: "The social responsibility of business encompasses the economic, legal, ethical and discretionary expectations that a society has of organizations at a given point in time."

Benefits of CSR:-
Increase shareholder Value
Increase revenue
Operational Efficiency
Access to Capital
Customer Attraction
Brand Value and Reputation
Human and Intellectual Capital
Risk Profile

The main purpose of CSR is to identify and improve a company’s impact on society and the environment, while driving stronger business results such as brand enhancement, market differentiation, and employee satisfaction.
Adidas group are always trying to be eco and environmental friendly. They are not only focus on their

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