Adidas : An Ideal Shoe Essay

824 Words Jul 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Suppose someone walks into a shoe store looking for shoes to run in as well as wear casually. Which shoe should he/she purchase and why? Although there are many brands of shoes, Adidas produces an ideal shoe which is a versatile, well-rounded shoe which easily fit the customer’s criteria and does not hinder to go beyond expectations. In particular, the Ultra Boost which is created by Adidas depicts a multipurpose running shoe which are comfortable, stylish and able to perform when taking a jog, working out or performing nearly any physical activity. Additionally, one important quality to being a versatile running shoe is the comfort the person wearing the shoe is experiencing; the Adidas Ultra Boost does a fantastic job at creating an enjoyable encounter for the wearer of the shoe. When one first steps into the shoe he/she understands what they are getting themselves into as it feels almost like stepping on a cloud. The shoe includes a soft, padded sole made of memory foam like material. The sole sinks in as the user takes steps and retracts as the user takes their foot off the ground allowing for a “floating” sensation as the user wears the shoe. Comfort not only makes wearing the shoe casually a great experience, it also provides many advantages to runners wearing the shoe as well. Many other companies have not implemented this technology and have not spent as much time on the comfort of their shoes as Adidas. Adidas Ultra Boost allows for runners wearing this shoe to…

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