Adherence Is A Sticky Situation Essay

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In most contact centers talking about adherence is a sticky situation. Many times we don’t remember being stuck on a call, if it means giving great customer service, it’s absolutely fine. It shouldn’t happen every call, and if folks go a couple minutes early to break, it’s better than going 10 minutes late. Likewise, one bad day does not make an adherent violator. It’s about LPI (least possible impact) not a hard number. This is something that takes a bit of finesse to coach too.
Adherence is meant to be a measure of how close we came to executing our plan. Running 100% is not realistic, even if you are overstaffed. It should be like kicking field goals, as long as the ball is between the uprights, it doesn’t matter if it cleared the bar by 1 foot or 30 feet, or if it’s closer to the left or right upright. It matters if it’s within the acceptable range, which is dependent on the length of your average call, and standard deviation of short and extremely long calls. In short, there isn’t “one number” that’s the same for every business—but this isn’t about math, that’s for the WFM geeks, this is about what works and is necessary—like food. In this case, let’s talk about a food most folks like—cake!
Usually cake is for dessert (or breakfast if mom isn’t looking.) It’s a treat! We serve it to celebrate. How many leaders, or agents, consider adherence something to celebrate? Usually it’s a necessary evil, or even something forced on you—like strained beets or…

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