Adhd & Me : Adhd And Me Essay

2545 Words Oct 24th, 2016 11 Pages
ADHD & ME is very informative book that offers a young person point of view of how it feels to live and grow up with ADHD condition. In this memoir of life with ADHD, Black Taylor discusses how he gets along on a daily basis and offers his readers a guide who are in the same situation. This book, ADHD & ME, is very easy to read and understandable as it is organized in straightforward, simple manner. Taylor first describes each incident, then its cause and effects and at the end of each section, he gives a solution to the problems that he had faced. The organization and simple, straightforward language make it easy for all types of readers, such as teens, parents, teachers, man and women, to understand the book and get benefit from reading it. Reading ADHD & ME was very touching. Reading this book was fun as it made me laugh, but at the same time it evoked a lot of mixed emotional feeling such as it made me sad, angry, sympathetic, and powerless. It made me laugh because the narrative describes some of the incident and his curious personality in a very innocent way. For example, when he goes to the museum and touches the T. rex and the alarm go off, after that two security guards follow him, his mother, and grandfathers, he says “I don’t understand why they have to keep watching me; we aren’t near the T. rex anymore.” What he was there for, to touch T.rex, he accomplished it. So after that the security guards following him was pointless because he wasn’t going to touch…

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