Adhd as a Social Construct Essay

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This research paper will discuss what ADHD is and why it is that there are those who think it was invented instead of discovered. It will also investigate the reasons why social construct theorists believe that the diagnosis of ADHD does more harm than good and actually diverts from the real issues that children face in their development in this day and age. Also explored will be the case against the social construct theory and why some who argue that the social construct theory is viable are ignoring a very real and possibly debilitating mental disorder.
Despite the fact that ADHD is constantly in the news for one reason or another, there is no consensus on what it
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Social construct theorists believe therefore that it is not a medical intervention that is needed but a cultural one.
An example of where a cultural intervention is needed is in some western school systems whereby there is intolerance for what can be termed as “active children”. Though social construct theorists do agree that on some level there could be biological factors what may be the reason that a child or adult is inattentive what they argue is that the school system and society has failed to integrate them and has chosen instead to set them aside and label them as disordered. Different methods of learning instead of the rote memorizing of facts where all individuals are supposed to learn the same thing at the same time and at the same pace will result in an environment where those with different learning styles are made to feel welcome instead of feeling like failures because they do not fit in.
In this way, social construct theorists and their opponents are in agreement when they say that a multi pronged approach should be used in tackling and handling behavioral problems. Those against the social construct theory have long been advocates of more open classrooms and more flexibility as pertains to school settings and educational purposes in order to help those who have been diagnosed with ADHD cope with their symptoms. Along with medication, they also stress the

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