Adhd And Its Effects On Students With Adhd Essay

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College is a new environment with plenty of distractions and lots of new responsibilities. This time of change is usually comprised of countless all-nighters and one too many cups of coffee. While many students can skate by using these techniques, according to CHADD, the national resource for ADHD, approximately “2 to 8% of the college population has ADHD”. ADHD is defined as “A chronic condition marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes impulsivity”. These students have to put in the extra effort to navigate college. As stated on CHADD, “Students with ADHD typically tend to have lower GPAs, depression, social concerns, emotional instability, and substance use compared to non-ADHD classmates.” There are many essential strategies a student with ADHD can apply to make their college experience less challenging. Picking the right classes, finding accommodations from your institution, using study and focus strategies specifically tailored to your learning style, and planning a schedule to improve time management can all positively impact a student with ADHD. I could drink 1,000 cups of coffee or not sleep for 3 days straight, but as a student with ADHD, I need to go the extra mile and make the conscious effort to implement small changes into my routine to help me acclimate and excel in college.
One of the biggest changes from high school to college is the ability to pick what times you have class. For all of my education, from elementary to high school,…

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