Adhd And Children With Adhd Essay

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Children with ADHD are characterized with over activity, and inattention in their day-to-day activities. Research conducted in the past has shown that close to five percent of the children in the world show signs of hyperactivity and impaired levels of attention. The study classifies the boys as being twice at risk of developing the condition compared to the girls. In the general population, some of the symptoms that occurred in the past would not be detected due to lack of sufficient facilities and knowledge on the subject. However, the recent development and innovations that have taken place in the medical field have ensured that ADHD is rightly diagnosed and the children receive the right medication. According to (Holland, 2015), ADHD refers to a common form of neurobehavioral disorder that is diagnosed in the children. The average age for diagnosing the condition is close to seven years. The adults can also develop the condition. Originally, the condition was referred to as hyperkinetic impulse disorder. In the late 1960’s, it was later recognized as ADHD by the American psychiatric association. Historically, the condition was first mentioned in the year 1902.
One of the British pediatricians described it as an abnormal defect related to the moral control in the children. It is because some of the children affected by the condition were unable to control their individual behaviors the same way a typical child could do. He noted they were still intelligent despite the…

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