Essay about Adhd And Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

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ADHD or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder has been for many years a subject of controversy and misinformation. A lot of people look at it as a “fake” disorder making accusations that it’s just a way for parents to make an excuse for their children’s unruly behavior or bad grades. Or as a way for adolescent teens and young adults to acquire Strong stimulant drugs to help them perform better in their jobs or in school. But for the Millions of people worldwide living life every day with ADHD it’s a completely different story. For them the meds aren’t a way to just get a cheap high or try and gain a little edge on some competition at work or school, for them it’s just how they keep up with everyday life.
In truth ADHD along with ADD are two very real and actually very common disorders. According to a study done by the U.S. Center for disease control 9.5% of children and adolescents between the ages 4 and 17 have been clinically diagnosed with ADHD(as cited in McGough, 2014). Even though both disorders are non-discriminatory against race or ethnic background, it does seem to have a preference of males over females. The diagnoses don’t just stop at the age of 17 either, though most cases seem to diminish as the subject gets older there are still a large number of people affected by ADD and ADHD well into their 30’s and beyond. Also contrary to what most skeptics of the disorder want to believe both ADHD and ADD are ranked with the most scientifically validated Psychiatric…

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