Essay about Addressing the Growing Problem of Book Piracy (Ebooks)

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Addressing the Growing Problem of Book Piracy (eBooks) For many years, books have been used as a means to obtain knowledge. In the early times, books used to be so big that it was not practical to carry them around then pocket sized books were made. Due the growing interest of people it is was no longer enough to read just one, two, three or even four books so eBooks were created. An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a personal computer or by using an eBook reader. EBooks are a more convenient and more practical way to access information. The most efficient way to get eBooks is through the internet – it may be for free or it may come with a price. The use of eBooks is becoming a …show more content…
Further in Habana v. Robles, the Supreme Court held that it is not required that the entire work or even a large portion thereof be copied in order for copyright infringement to exist. It is enough that so much is taken that the value of the original work is substantially diminished. If this is the way how the Supreme Court ruled in said case, what more if the case involves copying of the entire work? Infringement in eBooks is becoming as serious as music piracy but not as popular as it. Many legislations are enacted to protect the rights of those in the music and movie industry like the ones contained in the Optical Media Act but there is still no equivalent legislation applicable to books and eBooks, what is still applicable to their infringement is the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. Infringement in the Philippines especially as shown in the news focuses on piracy in relation to music and movies. The increasing cases of book piracy calls for an investigatory arm that will exercise functions like the ones exercised by the Optical Media Board over music and movie piracy. Legislations regarding the regulation of downloading eBooks must be made and enacted and restrictions must strictly be incorporated in eBooks to better protect the rights of the copyright owners. The Cybercrime Law must take into account this issue because this may also be considered as a cybercrime. Owners of

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