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Task1 After reviewing the WBS and chart Gantt created for Tasks 3 and 4 in part 2, I propose the additional activities below that be added to help me estimate resources and durations. Solution Under Prepare schedule and cost baseline I propose * Determine task resource * Determine task duration * Determine task dependencies * Create finalize Gantt chart Under Executing I propose * Rick management Under Monitoring and Controlling I propose * Team Weekly

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If we have some problems and some team cannot finish their task on-time, we need some solution, or else, if some team finishes their work fast, we should re-estimate task or re-assign task to keep everything in balance.
In conclusion after my entire team member has been formed, the final WBS and Gantt chart can be designed

1. Initiating
2.1. Identify the project sponsor
2.2. Select the project management
2.3. Create project team
2.4. Develop project charter
2.5. Review project charter
2.6. Kick off meeting
2. Planning
3.7. Hold team planning meeting
3.8. Prepare scope statement
3.9. Prepare WBS
3.10. Prepare schedule and cost baseline
3.11.1. Determine task resource
3.11.2. Determine task duration
3.11.3. Determine task dependencies
3.11.4. Create finalize Gantt chart
3.11. "Indentify, discuss, and prioritize risks"
3.12. Ricks Management
3.13.5. Create Risk register
3.13.6. Pilot ricks
3. Executing
4.13. Survey
4.14. User input
4.15. Program design
4.16. Program development
4.17.7. Develop the new GC software
4.17. Program testing
4.18. Roll out
4.19. Project benefits measurement
4. Monitoring and Controlling
5.20. Team Weekly Meetings
5.21.8. Weekly Meeting 1
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