Essay about Addicts Are Adept At Hiding Evidence Of Their Addiction

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Addicts are adept at hiding evidence of their addiction. Deception is the rule, not the exception. Physicians are trained to identify addiction, but without training common signs of addiction can easily be overlooked.
For example, it is a misconception that addicts are easily identified by looking for needle or track marks on their arms ( Addicts also inject into veins hidden from view, such as the legs, feet, and groin. If a vein is not accessible, addicts can inject into a muscle (“muscle popping”) or just beneath the skin’s surface (“skin-popping”).
Moreover, injection is the least frequent way addicts abuse opioids.
Most addicts chew and then swallow a handful of painkillers, snort crushed painkillers, or snort powdered heroin ( Also, heroin can be smoked in a glass pipe or the heated vapors inhaled. Heroin can be taken orally or even placed in the rectum ( Lacing (combining) a marijuana joint with heroin (“dusting”) is common. Other ways to avoid detection are limited only by the ingenuity of the addict.
Some addicts “graduate” to injecting opioids to increase the intensity of the “high.” Most IV abusers say they could never have imagined they would eventually inject drugs. It’s the power of addiction in full force, like a rainstorm turning into a devastating tornado.
Injecting opioids is a sign of an extreme problem with addiction.
When confronted, the addict may well look you straight in the…

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