Addiction Essay

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Cynthia Sink
Paulette Coombs
The Breakdown We all know that addiction causes so much chaos and pain in the lives of the addict. Addiction is defined as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. My question is what happens to the family when addiction becomes a part of it? The problem with addiction is that it is a family disease it does not just affect the addict but also the loved ones around them, whether it is family or friends. Families, when addiction is present are often painful to live in, which is why those who live among addicts may become
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”Enabling became a coping mechiniasam to shelter the children from the abuse.” (Kristen B.) Trust and faith are lost because of broken promises and they cant depend on the drug user anymore.
Family therapists interested in treating problems within a relationship have been most likely to call attention to changed family dynamics, to manifestations of distress by siblings and the roles siblings can come to adopt in relation to the drug using family member (Huberty and Huberty 1986). Although physical neglect of children has been associated with parental drug use, it is also the case that drugs affect the establishment of strong emotional bonds with parents (Kerwin 2005). Emotional neglect is much less noticed than a dirty house and can often be unnoticed. Many children are born being addicted to a substance because their mothers used drugs while they were pregnant.
It is no wonder that families such as these produce a range of symptoms in their members that can lead to problems both in the present and later in life. Children from these families may find themselves moving into adulthood carrying huge burdens that they don’t know exactly what to do with and can get them into trouble in their relationships and/or work lives. Trauma in childhood can seriously impact development and can have long lasting effects. We are only partly hardwired in life by nature. It is nurture from family that teaches us the rest. Each interaction

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