Addiction : The Struggle Of Addiction Essay

2004 Words Dec 13th, 2016 9 Pages
Are you or someone you know facing the struggle of addiction? Addiction is the state of being addicted to a certain idem or thing. A specific example of an addiction is drugs, a chemical that harms the body of the user. Drug addicts often do not realize what their addiction is doing to them. Ultimately, what is at the stake here is addict’s lives. Many drug abusers throw their life away, get killed, or commit suicide because of drugs. On the site, it shares a fact stating that “45% of untreated substance use disorder commit suicide.” Addiction is an awful habit that many people participate in. People who do drugs often do not know or even care about the harm they do to their body. Addiction to drugs has the power to turn someone’s life completely around to where they could lose everything, including loved ones. The issue of addiction to drugs relates to so many more people than just addicts, such as their family and friends. Almost everyone has someone in their lives who is facing the struggle of addiction. Without someone to motivate addicts to do better, they will possibly never have the boost they need to overcome addiction. Even though addiction to drugs have many effects on someone’s personal self and their families, in most cases, drug abuse affects the addicts more than it does to their families. Even some of the most influential people have fallen under the destructive path of drug addiction. Drugs do more to addicts than most realize. Addiction…

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