Addiction : The Problem Of Addiction Essay

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Addiction In Atlanta, Georgia, there is a poor, unkempt crack-cocaine addict whose top priority is, seemingly, accumulating whatever form of currency or collateral they can use to get their next fix. At the same time, in the suburbs of Roswell, Georgia, a middle-aged, upper-class homemaker 's only feeling of satisfaction while her husband is at work and her children are away at school comes from her daily trips to the nearest shopping center to purchase new clothes. Inside a classroom of Starr 's Mill High School in Fayetteville, Georgia, a young man anxiously counts down the minutes until he gets home from school, goes into his room, and plugs himself into his X-Box 360 for the remainder of afternoon and evening. These three people, along with millions of others around the world, are living their lives based off of their particular vices. Whether through substance, shopping, gaming, technological dependence, or many other forms, more and more people are falling into the throes of addiction and may not even know it. How exactly does one become addicted to a substance or material? Do people develop these addictions over time, or is it embedded in their genetics, awaiting something to trigger it? In regards to substances, such as cocaine and alcohol, both of these ideas could be true. When a person forms a dependency to a material element (money, sex, gambling, etc.) as opposed to a drug, one would not consider this to be a physiological addiction, even though they are…

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