Addiction : The Common Type Of Addiction Essay

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Today, addiction comes in many different kinds of forms. Drugs and alcohol are the most common type of addiction. On a more personal level, my grandma is an alcoholic and it is very hard to have holidays with her when she is always delusional. Addiction is classified as a substantial dependence on a certain substance that has drastic withdrawal consequences when the individual stops using that substance (“Substance, Gale). Doctors and other professionals like to call an addiction an out-of-control impulse disorder. By participating in these exciting activities, like drugs or alcohol, it can trigger the release of brain chemicals that travels through the bloodstream to the brain. Nerve cells in the brain then release more chemicals that make people feel a sense of joy and happiness. Many problems come from unhealthy addictions like: health, family life, and activities that are essential in maintaining a stable and successful lifestyle. However, there are ways to prevent or recover from an addiction as well. Having a healthy body is an important factor in a prosperous life. For instance, narcotics have a different impact on the human body. Psychoactive drugs are substances that have the potential to change the mental state of humans (Robin). Furthermore, alcohol conveys a depressive effect on the brain. Nerve function in the brain is altered by alcohol interacting with the neurotransmitters. The blood-brain barrier can not prevent it from entering the brain.…

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