Essay on Addiction : Substance Abuse Addiction

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Using any type of addiction as it is as a substance abuse, addiction or an activity abuse addiction, they both can have a massive impact someone lives and their love ones life. In 2013, there were a total of 43,982 deaths from overdose total, 16,235 for prescription analgesics total, and a total of 6,235 for heroin overdose. Most people who are drug additives probably die from an over dosage of the drug that they may be taking or they could have been experimenting a new high or more powerful drug. When they tried the new higher dosage drug then their bodies could not stand it anymore and the person taking it died. People do not only have to try to get their hands on the type of drugs that drug dealers sell like marijuana, but they can also use nail polish, perfume, hand sanitizer, or many other types of things that people use in daily life. They can become addicted to it and some people would not notice it since they are just things that they use in daily life so someone owning a hand sanitizer does not seem suspicious.
An addiction (“Definition of addiction.” ASAM The Voice of Addiction Medicine.), is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive actions of seeking and using a substance (alcohol, heroin, and etc.) or an activity (sex, gambling, and etc.) despite the harmful consequences of the substance or activity; or even the harm that it is causing the people around them. If it is not treated or the person is not engaged in recovery activities, then the addiction can…

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