Essay on Addiction : Psychological And Physical Addiction

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Intro What is addiction? When a person takes drugs “they enter the brain, and it disrupts the normal processing of the brain” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 51). These changes are “considered maladaptive and will lead to addiction” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 51). Neuroscience studies have been conducted and concluded that; “addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and body” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 51). Well look at the difference between psychological and physical addiction in relation to tranquilizers.
Psychological Addiction Psychological addiction deals with how drugs affect a person’s mind. Research has proven that “drug abuse changes the brains chemistry” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52). Addiction is also “considered a disease of the brain” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52). Psychological dependence is the “need to use a drug to relieve negative emotions” (Meyer, pg. 109). A person may “spend a great deal of time in activities necessary to obtain and use the drug” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52). Psychological addiction “almost always occurs within the context of other problems” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 126).
Physical Addiction Physical dependence differs from psychological dependence in how it presents. Physical dependence is actual physical signs of withdrawal. Physical withdrawal symptoms from tranquilizers like Xanax can cause “anxiety and panic attacks to reemerge” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 65). A person in withdrawal can also experience physical pain, mood instability, sleep…

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