Addiction Is Not Just A Social Or Criminal Problem Essay

1932 Words Dec 14th, 2015 8 Pages
Addiction is not just a social or criminal problem; it is a chronic disease of the brain that many individuals are struggling with. Addiction can be defined as dependency on something such as alcohol and drugs. Drugs and alcohol are harmful because they affect people’s behavior resulting in antisocial habits, lowering self- esteem and ruining one’s motivation towards achieving life goals. People suffering from alcohol and drug addiction can have an appropriate response if only they go through the diagnosis and the recovery process. However, if the person’s engagement in recovery activities is ignored, addiction will be progressive and eventually it will lead to disability and early deaths. This makes addition a serious and a potentially fatal illness, however, their condition is treatable, and the person can recover from that situation. This explains why there are many programs designed to help people quit these bad habits and help them take control of their lives. The 12-step program was first listed in a book written by two men who leaned on each other for hope. “The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism” was published in 1939 describing the twelve steps in the process of recovery (, 2015). The 12-step program was initially adopted to help those suffering from alcoholism, but has over the years been adopted for other forms of addiction. The program embraces spiritual principles to help the individual tell the truth, treat others as…

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