Essay on Addiction Is Not A Disease

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arc Lewis, a developed neuroscientist, was once an addict himself. At certain points in his life he had addictions to cough medicine, alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, LSD, heroin, nitrous oxide, and forms of opium, so with good reason, the topic of addiction, its definition, and its causes are very personal and dear to his heart. Lewis’s biggest point he wanted to share during his talk was that addiction is not a disease, not a person with wrongful morals, and not a dichotomy. In the rest of his speech, Lewis shares his reasoning for his claim, comparing his work with the work and speeches of the other Nobel Conference speakers, in attempt to shed light on the many differences and similarities of their works. Addiction is not a disease. The word addiction is often associated or related to the word chronic, but an addiction is not chronic, even though some addictions may last a long period of time. As Lewis adds, a person with an addiction is not a person with wrongful morals and ethics, but can be a completely normal person who got involved in an addictive substance. Another misconception is a dichotomy, when in actuality addictions are caused by multiple factors and issues. Therefore addictions are not caused by one specific thing and cannot be easily defined. In relation to the vastness of factors involved in an addiction, the definition of addiction, according to Marc Lewis, resides in the abnormal brain change and synaptic growth. Brain change, according to Lewis,…

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