Essay about Addiction Is A Powerful Thing

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Is there such a thing as sex addiction? I believe you can become addicted to anything; whether that be a drug, sex, food, a person an object. There are two known forms of addiction. One would be known as involuntary and the others would be deemed voluntary. An addiction starts off voluntary but quickly becomes involuntary as it takes over your life. Now, addiction overall is a need that is physical or psychological habit that your body adapts to and gradually requires more of that need to produce the same effect that occurred when you started the act. Your body adapts to the action/feeling and craves the effect. Addiction is described as a loss of control over a behavior. Negative consequences are common with using the substance of participating behavior. Addiction is a powerful thing. It starts off voluntary because you are not addicted until you have done it. Then, something happens to make it become involuntary after time. I believe that living the life of a sex addict would be exhilarating, but is it the safest addiction or even an addiction at all? Also, can it be just as bad as the, “other real addictions out there”?
Can sex addiction be a disease, and does the DSM 5 even classify it as anything? There is very limited resource on this topic at the time. One in twenty-five adults are affected by this addiction each year (Iwen, M). The disorder was first brought to attention in late 1970’s. There are many points to prove that this is an addiction but it might not be…

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