Essay on Addiction Is A Disease?

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Addiction Is a Disease The phenomenon of addiction provides various views and beliefs of on how it affects people’s lives. Addiction, in many aspects, may add spice to one’s life, but it can also be compared to a disease that disintegrates one’s life. This notion of addiction as a disease encourages the community to discover a useful resolution to somehow stop this widespread issue. Beneficially, the 12-step program was established in 1930’s. The 12-step program first started with the Alcoholic Anonymous group meeting that was founded by Bill Watson and Dr. Robert Smith in Ohio (Roger, 2012). The success and effectiveness of Alcoholic Anonymous had led to the creation of other group meetings, like the Narcotic Anonymous. Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Narcotic Anonymous (NA), as part of the 12-step group meetings, are generally available for free to all the people in their respective communities. AA mainly focuses on people’s abuse to alcohol, while NA focuses on substance abuse, such as methamphetamine and heroin. The 12-step program accommodates any addiction, including other compulsive behaviors of people.
According to National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism, “87.6 percent of people ages 18 or older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime; 7.0 percent reported that drank in the past year; 56.9 percent reported that they drank in the past month” (2016). This signified that alcoholism is prevalent, and that it does not only affects older…

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