When A Man Loves A Women Analysis

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When a Man Loves a Women is the story of an airline pilot named Michael Green and his wife, Alice Green, who base their happiness on drinking together as a form of spending time together. The family is faced with a challenge when Alice’s drinking begins to put not only herself in danger but her family and daughters as well. While she enters a detox center Michael is faced with another challenge of running the household while she is away and when she comes back he realizes that his enabling behavior is what brings drinking into the picture for them both. Trying to stop this and make sure that nothing triggers a relapse in Alice begins to drive a wedge between them and eventually leads to a separation of the two.
Addiction affects more than
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Because of this, the family is able to see another side of themselves that they were not able to see before. This could be extremely helpful for Alice because she will be able to see that she is able to function without the help of alcohol and actually her functioning is much better without it and that could make her realize that she needs to continue on the right path of recovery. This approach also allows us as professionals to get to know the family on a more personal level which could lead to a more successful result. The family will see that we do actually care and will feel like we are wanting to help them and that their success is important to us. A strength of the couples counseling would be that they would be able to build the foundation of their relationship on a healthy base and then they would be able to strive from there. Like I mentioned above, this would allow them to show their daughters a great example of a healthy relationship and they could carry that onto their lives later. A limitation that would be a problem would be if the family was not willing to be involved. With the family not involved, progress would remain at a standstill. Another limitation would be if Alice was unable to stop her habit then the progress would not even begin because she is the reason for them receiving the

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