Essay Addiction in Adolescence

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Addiction in Adolescence
Valencia Scafe
Dr. Jimmy Myers
23 April 2014

Addiction in Adolescence

It is a curious thing that people continue to pursue habits that cause them certain or a definite harm, this harm maybe caused to their individual self or those around them, and yet they continue to pursue it. The answer to why may not be given clearly even by these people themselves. Most of the smokers, substance abusers and alcoholics, as well as drug addicts are well aware of the negative effects that they may be dragging themselves towards but are not able to change their habits, for their addiction is too great and their self-control too weak. For most people, pain is nothing but a
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In recent news, there have been a couple of reports upon teenagers consuming drugs by obtaining prescriptions for them, when they do not necessarily need the drug. Drug Abuse is categorized and considered as a disease, and brings about with it physical, mental and social indications. A drug abuser is in most cases well aware of all the consequences but still tends to consume. Oxycontin, despite being a wonder drug and an effective painkiller, can prove to be fatal, if not treated in time; it causes severe diseases, and is a very serious disease that is progressive as well. Drug addiction is a disorder of a very complex nature and cannot be in any way justified, as to being something that can be over looked. And because of this a few patients have fallen victim to an extreme addiction where they will do anything and get to any length to obtain the drug, that has now come to be known as the “poor man’s heroine”. This obtaining of the drug motivates the individual into criminal activities, the drug is hard to recover from and the recoveries have a high rate of recurrence where they turn back almost immediately to abusing. Recovering is also a pain staking process where the withdrawal requires several medications such as methadone and all. Review of Theories on Behavior has been successful in identifying the causes of human

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