Addiction Has Become An Epidemic Essay example

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When people think of addiction, many people think of an alcoholic that spends hours a night at the bar, or meth addict that sleeps in the streets and prostitutes herself out to get money for another hit but what many people refuse to realize is that addiction has become an epidemic in the United States. Addiction is everywhere from the UPS guy that takes smoke breaks every few delivery’s, to your best friends dad whose appears to have everything put together but spends his evenings at casino. Because I think it important to share your experiences, Im going to tell you experience with addiction. My mother, Jovolette, was a teenage mother that didn’t realize how starting a family so young would affect her mental well-being. At 17 years old, she met Jason Milbrandt, a welding student at LATI, after dating for a few months they realized that she was pregnant. They moved to Jason’s home town of Huron, SD to have the support of his parents, so she could get her diploma through Huron High School’s alternative school. Jovolette graduated in January of 1995 and a few short months later had a daughter. For a few years, everything seemed to perfect, she got a job working for an elementary school helping with special needs children and Jason was a welder. After giving birth to me in May of 1995, my mother suffered from postpartum depression that she refused treatment for, she eventually began to self-medicate with marijuana and prescription pain killers. For the first few months,…

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