Addiction : Drugs And Drugs Essay

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The average person doesn 't know or understand the reality of addiction. Heroin is a drug that will destroy families and friends. Once the user injects the drug they get a rush, this is the rush that keeps users going back for more. Not long after starting to use most addicts quickly spiral out of control. Drugs like weed, crack, cocaine, etc. often cause mental withdraws, but with heroin it becomes more than mental. After the body becomes reliant on the drug, without daily use the body starts to crave the opiates. Within days or with many sever users, within hours the body starts to experience tremors, sweating, body pain, and mental fog. These withdraws are what fuel the fire in the user to do whatever it takes to get more drugs, even if that means stealing from their family.
Myself being from Ohio and having heroin users in my family, I have seen firsthand what this drug can do to a family. It will turn the most innocent person into a complete animal and criminal. The addiction usually starts from two different ways, first is when a friend offers it to the new user for their first time or the addict has been a long time prescription medicine abuser and found heroin to be a cheaper and easier opiate to find. I witnessed my brothers go from occasional teen drinkers into full blown heroin addicts in less than a couple months. Once it began it started off very hard to see and not as bad as expected. Every once in awhile a few things would come up missing or money stolen,…

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