Addiction As A Moral Problem Essay

1979 Words Apr 20th, 2016 8 Pages
The term "addiction" is most commonly used with a person 's desire to consume alcohol or drugs. Addictions can be either physical, in your mind or both. By that, it simply means being addicted to any type of substance is all on you. Your body and mind can stop using any type of dangerous substance that you let into your body if you wanted to; key word “you”. You are the key to helping yourself out, it all starts with you. Assuming that addictions became a primary focus on a person life it can highly affect their well-being and be fairly harmful to the person. Many doctors see addiction more as a disease not as a moral problem. By disease it is a complex disease meaning quitting is harder than it looks. Whenever a patient is motivated enough they can be treated if wanted to, it all starts with you (Amy Hackney Blackwell and Elizabeth Manar). One of the major drugs that many Americans will experiment and use is cocaine and heroin to see if they will be involved to the point of addiction. Sure, marijuana is a type of drug that a lot of people use; but it really is not the type of drug you can get addicted to. It does not have that strong of an effect that cocaine or meth or heroine have that makes you just keep coming back. Heroin and cocaine are such hardcore drugs that when people get involved with them, they do not understand the effect it has on them until it has already hit them. Cocaine stands at the top of all widely used hallucinatory drug. Hallucinatory meaning most…

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