Addiction And Obsesion Sci 301 : Celebrity Addiction Case Study Analysis

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Lindsay Lohan: Celebrity Addiction Case Study Analysis
Johnny Bonilla
Berkeley College

Celebrity Lindsay Lohan has been the focus of negative media attention for the past decade, after her rise to stardom as a child actress. It is no secret Lohan has suffered from severe drug addiction which resulted in extensive involvement with the criminal justice system and several stints in rehabilitation facilities. Lohan’s addiction to alcohol and cocaine not only negatively affected her career, but also took a toll on her physically, psychologically and sociologically. Lohan’s battle with addiction led her through several court ordered traditional rehabilitation programs.
Lohan’s issues came to light when she was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in May, 2007. Lohan was arrested once again in July of the same year; however, this time she was intoxicated and in possession of cocaine. Lohan served a small amount of jail time and was sentenced to complete community service and court ordered drug and alcohol rehabilitation. She was given a total of three years of supervised probation. In 2009, Lohan’s probation was extended another year after she failed to complete these requirements. During this time, Lohan’s career took a rapid nosedive as she admitted publicly she had lost control of her life as a result of her alcohol and cocaine addiction (Smith, Twum & Gielen, 2009). Lohan’s addiction was affecting her ability to function…

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