Essay about Addiction : Addiction And Addiction

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Addictions can be very complicated and most definitely hard to understand at times. Everyone has their own values and beliefs about addiction whether it is about how addictions should be handled and treated or whether some addictions are more acceptable than others. I have always had a passion for helping others since i was little i have been told by many people that I am a great listener and I should go into counselling because I can give positive advise and help make realistic goals. My opinion on people who have an addiction is nothing less than anyone else because i believe that everyone has an addiction the difference is that some are worse than others in the sense that they can have a bigger impact on your life. It is not fair to mistreat or judge individuals who got into an addiction such as drugs because yo do not know their story or what may have caused them to start the addiction. in order to overcome an addiction the addict has to be willing to realize their addiction and want to help themselves. In my opinion even after addicts overcome their addiction they still have great potential in life and just because they have made mistakes in the past it does not mean that they do not have great opportunities going for them in the future. Taking into consideration that everyone has their own opinion on addictions we had a group and class discussion about addictions topics and everyone had to give their reasoning as to why they agree or disagree towards different…

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