Addiction : Addicted Facing Gentrification Essay

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Addicted Facing Gentrification Every day we face the brutal reality of the drug abuse in our neighborhood. But as the new concept of gentrification is hitting the urban area, what would be the destiny of many addicted? when it is time to move.
When society hears the word gentrification, they often think about luxury, new buildings, new shops, and employment. But not often gentrification benefit everyone. Many depend on the low income and many face the reality of being homelessness. This factors lead to the increase of crimes and the abused of drugs to cope with the brutal reality of transformation. And no matter what we do, drugs and crime would be an issue that we must face. Gentrification has been developing throughout the decades. But now New York city is feeling the rise at a major speed. Many people are moving into the city with different background: education and financial status. The rents are increasing with the fast paste of the city. The Bronx is just starting to feel the sense of gentrification while Manhattan had a major transformation. This research is based on the changes that addict face with the changes of the city. This research focus on the Bronx because throughout the history the Bronx has face the cruel reality of the drug era and the challenging of the gentrification. THE DEVELOPMENT OF BRONX
The Bronx in the early 1900s it when from idyllic country escape to a posh city with style. The Bronx was built with a lot of…

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