Essay Adaptive Instructional Designs And Strategies This Semester

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I have learned and observed many adaptive instructional designs and strategies this semester as well as previous semesters. This semester I have learned a lot of different strategies because of the high number of ELL students in my class. It is important for teachers to use different strategies to accommodate different student’s needs. There are many different strategies that teachers choose to use and there are many different ways to adapt your teaching to specific learning needs; it just takes time and planning.
This semester because of the high number of ELL students in my classroom my CT gets a lot of support. We have a reading specialist, math specialist and ESOL teacher who comes into our class at different times throughout the week to provide support to our students. I have observed some of their lessons with the students which has helped me a lot. I see that they start very basic then add to their instruction every time they instruct my classroom. I have seen my CT use a lot of Gradual Release this semester because it gives students a chance to watch her thinking (I do) then think out loud through the work together (We do) and finally, it provides them a time to complete the work independently (You do) (Harvey and Goudvis, 2007, pp. 32-33). Centers has also been a resource I have gained a lot of knowledge about. Centers are a way to scaffold students and allow students to collaborate with each other and provide support in a certain subject area. Collaboration is a…

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