Shawshank Redemption: Andy Du Fresne And Red

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Shawshank Redemption: Text response

Opening scene:
- What happens to Andy du Fresne and Red?
Andy du Fresne was accused murderer of his much loved wife. He was sent to 2 life sentences in Shawshank prison. Red on the other hand was convicted of murder as well and he was sent to 1 life sentence before Andy. It started out with Andy in the court room with slight glimpses of the night he was accused of murdering his wife. Red was introduced in a parole calling to see if he had changed or had been rehabilitated.

- What do we learn of Andy’s and Red’s characters?
Andy and Red seem to be very different people in the way they both act and talk. Andy is one of those guys that are afraid of the world behind the walls. He knew he was not guilty
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It didn’t just give the impression of freedom to Andy, but it gave it to all the inmates of Shawshank. They had their own sneak peak of freedom. The music played was not understandable unless you were Italian, but just the sound of a well-co-ordinated beat can fill up anyone’s heart with happiness. Many faces were shocked from what they were hearing, but it was totally ok, because for once they were not forced to listen.

Minor Character

- Using evidence from the film, explain the following people’s characteristics and say why they were important.
Brookes: Brookes’ is an Old librarian at Shawshank prison, he is a very polite, warm hearted, trustworthy but quite mental person who has nothing to lose in life. As soon as Brookes’ was released he found out what it actually meant to be lonely and useless, because in prison he had a job and mates but outside the walls he had nothing. At the end he was depressed and regretful causing him to take his own life.

The Warden: The Warden is the main man of Shawshank prison, his reputation is high but he is emotionally broken. From the movie, we can see the warden is spiritually strong, aggressive, stubborn, unfair man who is perfect for a prison with criminals. The warden plays the same story as Brookes’ but he feels a lot more than just hopelessness and despair, he feels isolated and
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What message does it send to Society?
At the end of this movie, we can see that Red and Andy reunite after a long time apart from each other. Red made a promise to Andy that he would find him on the outside of the walls and he would see Andy’s dream in person. To us people in society, it teaches us a special message, it teaches us to keep a promise and to find hope in every situation because at the end, the result will somehow be in your

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