Adam's Rib The Rebirth Of Women Analysis

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Adam’s Rib:
The Rebirth of Women “The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: It 's a girl” (Chisholm). Modern society has witnessed the increased presence and integration of feminism amongst the people. The echoes of discrimination and dated customs, which restricted women from living as equals, has been silenced completely by the pursuit of their own will and voice. Goals and ideals that were initially sought-after in the commencement of equality between men and women have been tainted with over-ambition. Instead of striving to become parallel to men in political, social, and economic affairs, women as a community demand to be more than just comparable. Feminism has radically impacted the
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Women are within their right to seek employment and establish a career. However, the notion of equal employment opportunities amongst sexes has been misconstrued into overly-aggressive dedication towards a career. As a result, it is generally accepted that females are more likely to pursue higher education than men, which has led to a radical increase in female participants in the work field and political affairs. A newly bestowed sense of empowerment in the majority of women has clouded their morale causing the stubborn inclination to the feminist philosophy to a point of neglect towards spouse and parenting at home and even rejection of motherhood through abortion in order to maintain their professional standing. Slaughter describes that these women believe that only through the imitation of man will success be reached and therefore acting on maternal longings hinders their career (89). No longer is women entering the working class free of discrimination the main focus, but instead taken as a competition to prove female can do anything a male does and perhaps become the provider. Thus, creating a bigger gap between genders and leading to the decreasing dependency of females upon …show more content…
The 21st century has seen the complete dismissal of the general structure of a union between man and women. More specifically, women have abandoned their domestic duties and push aside their responsibility of motherhood. Associating these activities with a form of oppression formulated by man, the newer generation of females show complete apathy towards learning the basics. For example, younger women are not accustomed to preparing meals, cleaning a household, or raising children. The problem arises as they grow older and lose these cultural norms that women before us had known. Also, females are less likely to commit to one partner and more probable to have had many casual partners by the age of 25. Provocativeness and the willing exploitation of their body such as exotic dancing is transitioning from a taboo amongst women to prevalently accepted behavior with the reasoning that if males can be sexual beings so can women. Hence, females are relinquishing feminine ways to adopt what they perceive as a man’s way to consider themselves as

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