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CASE: Adams Brands

Among the three short listed candidates for the position of Key Accounts Supervisor for the Ontario region, who should Mr. Ken Bannister (Regional Sales Manager for Adams Brands) hire?

Current Situation:
Market volume for the confectionery industry is flat due to the changing trend in consumption driven by the changing age in distribution of the population. Growth is only driven by price increase at 10%. Distribution / availability and visibility are seen as important elements in influencing the sale due to the nature of its products, impulse items. In addition to this, the bargaining power of the retail trade has been shifting away from the suppliers (i.e. manufacturers like Adams) and is in favor of the
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For perspective, definition made for the required skills are the following: 1. Selling (operational ‘know-how’) – includes day to day transactional discussions with buyers such as basic call procedures, discussion of store operational issues relative to the brands (i.e. inventory & display) 2. Selling with merchandising – operational selling ‘know how’ coupled with insights on how to properly display products which are usually based on shopper research insights and preparation of the overall merchandising & visibility strategy (i.e. per channel, in this case for Class A Supermarkets) 3. Communication – face-to-face / direct conveyance of discussion points to the buyers coupled with negotiation prowess needed to influence or persuade buyers upon sell-in of the sales plan (weekly/monthly/annual), promotion/deal, or new products 4. Presentation – ability to prepare presentation materials (i.e. business reviews) and communicate these to the account buyers 5. Analytical – able to see trends and insights given the numbers or figures and translate them into actionable next steps that will be able to drive sales objectives or goals

For me, Mr. Barry Moore has most of the skills needed to fulfill the expectation of a Key Account Supervisor. His professional experience in sales and merchandising are ‘musts’ since these are some of the key deliverables to the role and this form part of the expectation as far as some of the buyers are concerned (given the

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