Adam 's Rib : The Rebirth Of Women Essay

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Adam’s Rib:
The Rebirth of Women “The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: It 's a girl” (Chisholm). Modern society has witnessed the increased presence and integration of feminism amongst the people. The echoes of discrimination and dated customs, which restricted women from living as equals, has been silenced completely by the pursuit of their own will and voice. Goals and ideals that were initially sought-after in the commencement of equality between men and women have been tainted with over-ambition. Instead of striving to become parallel to men in political, social, and economic affairs, women as a community demand to be more than just comparable. Feminism has radically impacted the behavior of women and widened the gender gap by misinterpreting equal employment opportunities with eager attempts to dominate and compete, clinging to an anti-male credo, and in the midst of searching for equal domestic responsibilities between the sexes, women returned with a lack of respect for conventional traditions. American customs perceive “housewives as the norm and a female that provides as a deviant” (Zipp, Plutzer 539). Women are within their right to seek employment and establish a career. However, the notion of equal employment opportunities amongst sexes has been misconstrued into overly-aggressive dedication towards a career. As a result, it is generally accepted that females are more likely to pursue higher education…

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