Adam Brown American Dream Essay

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The story of Adam Brown and his life is one with extreme highs and extreme lows. Adam's life was full of love and support from his family. It was also filled with stressful tasks and hardships. He spent a good portion of his life moving up and doing his best in the Naval forces to try and fulfill his American Dream. Adam Brown's American Dream was reached through his family and friends, by his many military achievements, and his overcoming of many struggles in his life. When Adam passed away his family was very sad but they learned to deal with the hurt and look back on the good times. Adam DID achieve his American Dream.
Adam Brown's American Dream was achieved through his successful family and having a supportive friend group. Even at a
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He started at the bottom and worked his way up in the Navy and eventually got to the highest ranking branch of the Navy possible. “Adam single-handedly carried the Vietnam-era M60 machine gun, the heaviest weapon on the patrol.”(Blehm, 141) Adam moved up in the Navy by giving 110% to his assignments and to his teammates. He went through more training then you could ever imagine and then he finally became a Navy SEAL. This had been his goal. “...Kelley drove Adam, now Petty Officer Second Class Brown, to the SEAL Team TWO compound at Little Creek to see him off on his first deployment.”Blehm, 156) Adam went through the hardest training in the Navy because he wanted to be the best. He kept moving up until he was at the top. On his way to the top he had a few injuries. First he got shot in the eye and was totally blind in one eye. He compensated for that loss of vision but it was difficult. Then Adam got his fingers crushed off and he had to get them reattached. He didn’t have full muscle control in that hand anymore, but Adam found a way to stay in the Navy and still become the best. By the end of Adams Navy experience he had received many awards and medals showing his great work. Adam was very humble about all of his awards. In Fact, he didn’t even tell Kelley about some of them. He would act like he wasn’t a …show more content…
He had become addicted to drugs and it was changing his life for the worst. He was losing his friends and he was losing his family. After giving into his addiction for a long time Adam finally hit rock bottom and was put into jail. From jail he got help and started to overcome his addiction, even though it wasn’t going to be that easy, he had taken the first step in getting better. He relapsed more times than a person can count, and he deceived and lied to his friend and family at times. The drugs had such a strong hold on Adam that it was nearly impossible for him to stop. There were times when Kelley would have to go pick Adam up after he had relapsed again and she was always so disappointed in him. Adam was tired of disappointing his family and teammates. He finally got control over his addiction, even though he was still going to be tempted. Part of the American dream is overcoming your worst times, and Adam did exactly that, with help from his family and

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