Adam And Chris Are Two Men Who Live From Washington State Essay

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Adam and Chris are two men who live in Washington State. Adam is a certified surgeon and works at Providence hospital earning 6 figures a year. Chris however, works at a McDonald’s joint making $9.47 an hour. Adam and Chris both attended the same bar, but unfortunately Chris had to quite going to the bar so he could get more hours at work. Chris needed to make more money to feed his family, but even with him working more hours he still wasn’t able to make enough money to pay medical bills for his sick spouse. Chris had an evening off work one day and decided to go to the bar. Adam happened to be there as well so he came over to Chris and asked him why he hadn’t been attending the bar as often as he usually had. Chris then told Adam about his situation and then said that the government should raise the minimum wage. Adam felt sorry for Chris, but nonetheless he told Chris that he didn’t think the government should change the minimum wage because he thought it would hurt company sales and therefore hurt the U.S. economy.
In “Why Raising the Minimum Wage is Good Economics” published in PBS News hour, John Komlos states that the United States should raise its minimum wage to help people make a living. Komlos says that the minimum wage in America is lower than other advanced countries like Germany and Switzerland. In addition, he states that the U.S. minimum wage since 1968 has dropped and the unemployment rate has increased. Komlos says that many people in America are without…

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